Monday, April 11, 2016

Writing about a Blogger on "Blogger"

Recently, I was introduced to a new photography genre at my local photography group's meetup..."blogging."

No, I'm not talking about me writing in my own blog about photography.

This is about fashion bloggers and their need for good photographic images for the blogs that they produce.

A local "blogging group" in the Twin Cities approached our "photography group" with an idea that we could have a meeting between the two groups and form a symbiotic relationship. Bloggers would use photographers to help produce good image content for their blogs and, in return, would give their photographers credit and free marketing by exposing them to their reader base.

That is where I met Krista Brumm, the producer of the blog, Wild Styled. I gave her my business card and we discussed getting together for a shoot for her upcoming blog post. She lives North of the Twin Cities and I live South/East, so we decided to meet in the middle for our photo session using the city as backdrop for some of her fashion finds for Spring. It turned out great!

What a fantastic experience, Krista, I can't wait to work with you again.