Thursday, September 17, 2015

Family Memories

It is very important to have family photos taken. Why? In a blink of an eye, children grow up and begin living their own lives, sometimes far away from mom and dad. Memories of your time together as a family can fade quickly. Take time now to record those beautiful moments while you can. This summer, I had the distinct privilege to help the Ward family do just that.

Before her two kids headed off to college this fall, my good friend, Teresa Ward requested photos to be taken of her daughter in her high school cap and gown. The reason being that, in the excitement and rush of her daughter's actual graduation day in June, she had forgotten to take photos to mark the occasion. On the day we got together for the photo shoot, we made a point to not only recreate her daughter's graduation but to also capture moments of her whole family together in a park nearby. It was so much fun for me! Thank you, Teresa and the whole "incredibly awesome" Ward family, for allowing me to help keep your memories alive!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Landscape Photography

There are many kinds of photography that one can specialize in. Not to "pigeonhole" anyone, but...landscape photographers are a distinct breed unto themselves.

I do not consider myself to be a landscape photographer but I do enjoy traveling, beautiful vistas, mountains, sunsets, and waterfalls. Someday, I would even like to catch the elusive Northern Lights shooting up behind a lighthouse on the Northshore. But...that takes all kinds of patience, lots of specialized equipment, a tolerance for all things "nature" (ie, bugs, unpredictable wildlife, erratic weather, rough terrain) and, dare I say, an ability to afford expensive airplane tickets to exotic locations. I admire the landscape photographer's tenacity for getting that "perfect shot" of unbelievable beauty. I may not be equipped for that kind of photography, but I do admire it.

So...once in awhile, I'll join a group of photographers seeking to find something extraordinary in the local landscape. Last night, our group set out to capture the sunset at the Richardson Nature Reserve in Bloomington, MN. I got my sunset shot, as did the others, but I decided to go off on my own to find something uniquely mine. In doing so, I discovered that maybe I do have a little landscape photographer in me. I may not be consistently proficient at it, but skilled enough and lucky enough to get this "gem" of an image. This is not a grandiose view of the world's largest mountains, but to me, it's just as beautiful.