Saturday, August 22, 2015

Those eyes!

Today was spent with fellow photog's in downtown Minneapolis, trying out a new lighting system. Photography is "light"! There are so many ways in which to use light to convey a mood, be it natural (from the sun) or artificial or a mix of both. As photographers and creatives, we are always trying to shape the light to our needs. I find, the easiest way to control the light is to add my own and not rely on whether the sun is going to cooperate or not. I must say that the best part of the day was working with our model, Tim, a real pro. Just look at those searing eyes and awesome dreads! Thank you, Tim.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It does make a difference...

Cameras, lenses, lights, etc! "They are JUST tools" to help the photographer create their vision. The question is: can having BETTER TOOLS make you a BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER? It's true that one must know how to use those tools to their advantage, but, when you have knowledge and quality, well-designed tools in your hands, it makes creating your vision a lot easier. I went out yesterday into nearby farmlands to test out a new lens that I'm interested in purchasing. It turned out to be a perfect match for my creativity. Now, if money just grew on trees...(sigh).