Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My mission to help animals:

First, a note about my blog: Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Ok, maybe not. I have sorely neglected my blog and I apologize. Considering all of the undesired information we receive on a daily basis, I may have given you a gift by not adding to the minutia. However, forgive me or thank me, I am going to continue to share what's happening with my photography efforts especially my philanthropy in the animal rescue world.

Many years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the animal rescue group she fostered for (Angel of Hope Animal Rescue). That was the beginning of my love for helping animals in need. The best way to help get these deserving animals adopted is to give them online exposure with eye-catching photos. Anyone can take a cell phone pict nowadays. In fact we are all overwhelmed with photos because of it. But that doesn't mean the person behind the phone has the kind of training and experience in photographing animals in a way that makes one want to adopt them. I've had extensive photography training, education and experience which gives me an advantage in this area so I enjoy using my skills to help animals find loving homes.

It's an art to get animals to look directly at my lens and at the same time not to show their fear and anxiety.  When animals are in a stressful situation, I must try to make them feel as comfortable as possible and get them to focus on me so that in the final images it's as if the viewer can see into the soul of that animal and know that it could be the right companion for them.

Some other skills necessary for this type of photography are getting the correct lighting, focus and composition and making sure there are no distracting features in the final images all while more than likely being shot in a very small corner of a popular pet store (PetSmart, Petco, Chuck 'n Dons) during peak shopping hours. It definitely takes experience and patience but well-worth the outcome when these animals find their forever loving homes.

“Saving one dog or cat will not change the world, but surely for that one dog or cat, the world will change forever.”